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Euro-Aire provides a full range of filters ranging from the basic pre and primary filters, to secondary filters and also HEPA and ULPA filters. Besides particulate filters, Euro-Aire also manufactures carbon filters and carbon systems. Listed below are the full range of filters that we can supply. 

sdst FilterTM is a hybrid innovative product of Euro-Aire’s latest patented SPF (Serviceable Pleat Filter) and the scientifically proven sdst spray, effectively killing and preventing the spread of virus and bacteria present in airstream with efficacy > 99% for 90 days!

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Euro-Aire 's Serviceable Pleat Filters is a new product of Euro-Aire's Go-Green series. It serves as an innovative solution to replace conventional paper board pleated panel filters as the primary stage of protection.

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Euro-Aire Pleated (EAP) filters is a series that is commonly used in industrial and commercial sites. It is often used as the first layer of protection, known as the primary filters to filter out particles ranging from 3 to 10 micron. This filter is made of synthetic media, alongside with the highest grade heavy duty beverage board frame. 

Washable Media Roll serves as the pre-layer of filtration, often known for its function to block off big particles such as insects, leaves, etc. We are able to provide pre-cut service of any shapes and dimension. 

Euro-Air Bag (EAB), also named as the pocket filter in the industry, is commonly used as a secondary filter in various industries. EAB is well known for its economical value and vast range of flexibility, with a mix-and-match combination of efficiency, the number of pockets and the depth of pockets, depending on the various applications and needs. This series is to filter particles of 1-3 micron.  

Euro-Aire Rigid Box (EARB) filters consist of different designs, serving as a filter of the secondary stage. EARB comes in various forms from wooden to metal to plastic frame, ranging  from deep pleat to separator to minipleat versions. This series is to filter particles of 1-3 micron.  

Euro-Aire EAPA product series consist a range of both the HEPA (EAPA) and ULPA (EAPAU) filters. Being the most delicate range among all filters, serving as the final stage of particulate filtration. It can effectively filter fine particles as small as 0.3/ 0.12 micron, as well as filter smoke and haze particle. EAPA is commonly used in cleanroom applications, hospitals and power plants. 

Euro-Aire's carbon filters effectively removes odors. This series of filters is commonly used in kitchen exhaust applications. Designed in various forms to cater to primary layer (pleat or panel type) and secondary layer (deep pleat or V-bank honeycomb panel type). 

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