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Company Profile

The complex air surrounding us is very similar to life. Like a maze that we walk in every day, constantly in search for the correct turn that leads us to the eventual destination. At Airmaze Corporation Pte Ltd, we aim to guide you through this complicated maze of the air filtration, leading you to a place of clean air, creating a healthy environment for all. 


Airmaze Corporation Pte Ltd was incorporated by a group of experienced M&E Engineers and environmentalists. Garnered with years of experiences and expertise in HVAC industry, our dedicated team aims to provide effective and viable solutions to meet the increasing needs of air-related applications, ranging from (but not limited to) air-pollution controls, indoor air-quality, green building initiatives, and etc.

Our Belief

With the world engaging into a global warming situation, it has become crucial to protect the environment and to be enlightened about the importance of having good air quality. Everyone plays a part in contributing. At Airmaze Corporation, we aim to be your one stop consultant, supplier and service provider for air related products and solutions.


Airmaze Corporation aims to provide customers with products of high quality and effectiveness. We provide a wide range of products, ranging from home based consumer usage to industrial applications. We specialized in handling and maintaining indoor air quality as well as fabricating products catering to your needs.


"A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more." 

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Catering everyone a better environment and at the same time, contributing to the world's effort by moving towards the green environment. We dedicate ourselves to serve nothing but the best for our customers. Good air, better health and enjoyment in life! Let there be clean air!!


Breathing better air gives you better health. Airmaze Corporation strives to provide our customers with creative, innovative and practical solutions and products to improve, maintain and sustain a healthy indoor air quality. At Airmaze Corporation, we are able to customize our products based on our customer's unique applications.

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