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Understanding Air Filtration

Although that 1% of air composition which consists of elements and compounds such as the noble gases, carbon dioxide, fine particles, salts and gas emissions from motor traffic and industry does not seemed to be as huge an impact, it is in fact, a determining factor that affects the environment and our health. This explains the necessity of the air filtration.


Within this very same composition of air that we inhaled every single breathe includes fine particles such as bacteria and dust which are smaller than 10 microns, in which our respiratory system could not filter. 


The diagram below shows the efficiency (MERV Ratings, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of our air filters that strictly follows the EN and ASHRAE measurements, in which it benefits us by filtering off these harmful fine particles.

The operation of a filter may appear to be very simple in theory, yet these filters are highly complex products. The filter media used have to trap harmful particles without offering too much resistance in order to allow sufficient air to pass through. This proves the quality and efficiency of our Euro-Aire  air filters.

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