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Your Guide to a Fresher Day!

- Improved version of carbon packs.

- Multi-purpose usage for cars, cupboards , shoes and refrigerators.


Perform superbly up to 4 times in effectiveness:

  • To get rid of odour and unpleasant smell

  • To absorb moisture

  • To remove toxic gases


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Your Guide to a Fresher Meal!

Interesting facts:

· In fruits and vegetables, there is this chemical gas called “Ethylene”.

· Ethylene gas speeds up process of ripening in fruits and vegetables.

· SumoSam helps to slow down the ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing Ethylene, which will cause discolouration, decay, moulding, wilting, softening, scalding, loss of crunch, etc, naturally.

· Using USA-made patented Sodium Permanganate (NaMnO4) as Ethylene absorber with ultra superior quality and performance, SumoSam guarantees amazing results for up to 4 times better compared to any existing similar product and extend the lifespan of fruits and vegetables drastically!

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