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Representing the pioneer and market leader in the chemical filtration applications - Purafil, of whom have invented, patented and marketed chemical media, systems and equipment in all kinds of challenging applications successfully worldwide.

Here, we proudly present:

OnGuard 4000 - Corrosion Monitoring System


A palm-sized device that is installed in critical areas to monitor the level of gas-phase corrosion in an enclosed area. This is commonly used in banks and data centres, cleanrooms, petrochemical, oil and gas, as well as many other industrial areas with harsh environments. Data collected can be easily downloaded, analysed and presented professionally.


CCC+    - Corrosion Classification Coupon +


Using two mental bars concept, Silver and Copper coupons, CCC+ measures the amount of corrosion in the air, as well as temperature and relative humidity. Examples of corrosive contaminants in the air include hydrogen sulfide, sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, etc. CCC+ is suitable for indoor monitoring while CCC is suitable for outdoor monitoring.

purafil coupon-1.png
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