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(previously known as Robowash)

Conventional manual way of washing cooling coil fins:

  • Unable to control the amount of water and chemical used.

  • Unable to manage the high-pressure water jet properly.

  • Unable to use the correct method to wash the cooling coils.

  • Most importantly, unable to control the end results. 


Solves ALL these problems.

  • Increase Productivity – Optimizing cooling performance

  • User-Friendly – Easy to operate with scheduled frequency

  • Haze-Fighting – Frequent washings to maintain coil cleanliness

  • Environmental-Friendly – Resources are used more responsibly

  • Reliable – Built with heavy-duty and reputable parts

  • Monitorable – All parameters are pre-settable, re-settable and retrievable (with password-protection). Outcome is accurate, measurable and predictable

  • Easily Maintained – Equipment comes with 5 years limited warranty or 75 washes, whichever comes first

  • Zero human touch – Protect workers and eliminate health hazard

Robowash Mock Up 1.png

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